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Bateworld is "the" social network for bators. Its members include sex therapists, masturbation coaches, Tantrists, Gooners, edgers, solosexuals, popperbators, stonerbators, guys who enjoy bating with other guys, and guys who enjoy talking about their favorite topic - masturbation. If it involves male masturbation, you can probably find it on Bateworld


Membership is free for any male over 18 years old and all you need is an email address. Bateworld also offers premium services at a reasonable price and Vidchat is one of the services included in the premium package. You can check it out for 7 days without cost when you first signup.


Bateworld's video chat service is not propped up by a token economy. Handing out so many credits is not going to these bators to do anything. These guys love the bate and video chat lets them share the experience with other guys who share that love.  In the vidchat rooms, they can drop the pretenses of attitude and just be who they are.


Most the bators hang out in the main chat room, but there is a popular popperbate room. Occasionally a special event is hosted and they can be quite entertaining. For those who prefer a more intimate environment, members can set up their own chat rooms with the click of a button.  The members control this bate-positive environment


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