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We created BateCams, strictly for YOUR pleasure!  Since the dawn of man, when he discovered his dick and the intense pleasure of ejaculation, masturbation has been part of the human condition.  What’s great about the 21st century, however, is that we can freely and anonymously, play man on man.  BateCams not only says it is OK to jack off, but we also celebrate you doing it!  Frequently! 

So that is what we are serving; hot sexy men that inspire, excite, entertain, and connect with you. Yes, BateCams offers thousands of men from 18 and up with a huge variety looks, sizes, and interests. The one thing they have in common is a desire to get you horny and engorged as you lube and stroke watching them from your phone or computer. Investing in your self-pleasure is liberating! At BateCams, we invite all men, without judgment, without ageism, without body shaming, without racism, Just Hot Lust!

But wait, there’s more…


BateCams is also a gateway to the largest community of Bators on the internet! Whether you are looking for a bate buddy or a circle jerk, BateWorld was set up just for you and tens of thousands of other horny men wanting to wank one out or luxuriate in a hot, long and stiff edging session. And while you are in the hood, check out our store, The BateShop or read the latest blog at The Bator Blog.


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